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Castle Cattery FAQ's

Castle Cattery, where your cat's needs are our priority!

Cat Acommodation

Why will your cat enjoy his or her stay with us?

A few Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Will my cat receive lots of pats and cuddles?

A. All cats have different amounts of company from their human carers. Most of these we can satisfy. For those whose love pots empty out quickly, we can spend some extra time with them for a small extra charge.

Q. What will you feed my cat while he stays with you?

At the Castle Cattery, we like to think that our guests are having their own holiday! No dieting here! Mealtimes are one of the highlights of the day. Our extensive range of high quality dried and fresh foods will please even the most discerning palate, although you are more than welcome to bring along your pussy person's own choice of food, which will be kept in their own unit especially for them. Please note we carry no prescription lines, this will need to be provided by you if required.

Our guests are fed a variety of fresh and / or tinned food in the evening when all the hustle and bustle of daily life is over. This allows them all night to graze and even the shyest guest will come out to eat or they can have dinner served in bed.

Kittens up to 12 months are fed wet food twice daily, as are senior citizens (12 years and older).

All guests have biscuits available 24 hours a day.

Please feel free to check out our pantry, fridge and freezer.

If you are bringing any dried biscuits please ensure these are in an air tight container that can be kept in their suite.

You can choose either tinned meat, tinned fish or raw meat, plus dry biscuits, or just a dry food diet. We use and recommend either  Royal Canin or Science Diet.

Q. Can I bring my cats own food?

A. Yes. For no extra charge, we will see that your cat receives their preferred food. Biscuits must be in a plastic container, as this will be kept in the suite with him / her, as will any canned food. Any food that needs to be frozen must be wrapped in daily amounts and clearly labelled. Please also include written instructions if necessary.

Q. Can I see where my cat will be living whilst on holiday?

A. Yes, all cats can be settled into their accommodation by you.

Q. What happens if I arrive at the Cattery outside business hours?

A. Unless pre-arranged (which will incur an extra charge) you will have to return during business hours.

Q. Can we come out of hours?

A. Our opening hours are designed to make your cats stay with us an enjoyable experience for all. We ask that you observe & respect our opening hours. If you are running late and are not going to get here on time as planned, please phone and advise us. Please do not ask to come out of hours as refusal may offend.

If you have any other questions please call 07 3802 1337